About Us

LAMPS Partners started making soap because we wanted to use something better for our skin and hair.   Eliminating harsh detergents, chemicals, and animal fats was our goal, and we utilize traditional cold process methods.

We focus on making vegan friendly, phthalate and parabens free soaps that avoid petroleum by-products.  Our backyard garden provides some of the botanicals used in a few of our products.  We also strive to make sure all our packaging and labels are eco-friendly. 

Loretta (the “L” in LAMPS) has a lifelong passion for all things numeric, and is the Chief MixMaster and Soap Design Guru.

Paul (the “P” in LAMPS) is a creative at heart, and a former computer geek by trade.  He developed our logo, takes the photos, and manages our website. 

In 2022, we began raising chickens so we could control what was going into the eggs we eat – and that’s why you’ll see our “Chicks” soap as one of our more unique offerings.  Dragonflies also have a special meaning for us, and we also feature a couple of dragonfly-themed products.

LAMPS is recently certified by the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild (HSCG). 


This means that we:

  • Following all local, state and federal laws.
  • Ensure our soaps are safe for use by the consumer.
  • Provide accurate information to our customers regarding the ingredients, benefits and use of our products.


In addition to soap, we will also be offering other handmade items in the future.  Check back often!