Custom Orders

Are you looking for a unique gift for friends or a special occasion?

Browse our Product Line and our "101" page for ideas about what we can do - then let us know if you have a preferred color scheme, scents (or scent-free!), or decorations in mind.


This package was created for a Wedding Party and guests.


For a HOA Meeting, we created horse-themed soaps to tie into the neighborhood's name.


Below are soaps for a "Cinco de Mayo" party with similarly themed names including "Blue Aztec" and "Fiesta".


A new item to our catalog is our Gift Boxes (featured in the Wedding package above).  The stock size holds one standard-size soap, and can be provided "plain" or laser-engraved with your personalized message.  


Larger boxes for multi-soap packages or mixed-item collections can also be designed.


If you have a specific target date (Wedding, Wedding Shower, Birthday, Anniversary, Baby Shower, Corporate Gifts, etc.) keep in mind we should have about an eight week lead time from the day we start mixing the ingredients until it shows up on your doorstep.  Shipping can be expedited, but we prefer to cure our soaps for a minimum of 4-6 weeks to ensure quality.

Lead times could be increased if requesting special ingredients that we do not normally keep in inventory.   

We can also make custom loaves of soap with specific fragrances, colors, and/or designs.  A starting point for a custom order will give you six, ten or 12 average-size bars for a price range of $36 to $72

Actual costs will depend on the complexity of your request and variety of ingredients you select (for example, some special fragrances such as essential oils may increase your cost).